Here for Good

A multi-year, multi-pronged, multi-campaign comprehensive and integrated initiative to raise awareness and stature of a university in growth mode.

Key Contributions:

  • Account Service
  • Brand Positioning Strategy
  • Communication Strategy
  • Research & Analysis
  • Web & Digital Strategy
  • Copywriting
  • Concept Development
  • Creative Direction
  • Design


Founded in 1963, the university has grown to serve more than 12,000 students annually, with a faculty of over 600 professors, and has consistently ranked as one of the top three public universities in Florida (which in turn is also ranked as one of the top public university system in the country).


After taking the reigns as the university's sixth president, Dr. Martha D. Saunders sought to unify the brand under a single vision: to emerge as a spirited community of learners, launching the next generation of big thinkers who will change the world. This small, sleepy university was going for the national stage.


This client ranks as the most challenging, most complex, and most rewarding work I've ever done. As an alumni, working to develop the university's image and position meant a lot, but it also meant the stakes were high. My work started out small, and slowly grew to encompass other parts of the university's network of colleges, departments, and offices. The first task: weave a story of adventure; one of daring, bold determination to help people live life without limits.

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Success metrics were through the roof. Cumulatively, we saw a 700% increase in engagement, a significant increase in social followers, and nearly a 4x boost in website traffic. At the start of the public phase of the Here for Good Capital Campaign, the university had already raised $65m in funding, nearly $20m more than the amount raised in its capital campaign from 3 years earlier.


50th Anniversary

Developing a coffee-table book celebrating the University's first 50 years and setting the stage for the next fifty.

Initially the very first project for the university, it was here that we began to explore re-introducing the chambered nautilus back into the university's identity system. The new logo was launched to coincide with the publishing of a Commemorative 50th Anniversary Year Book as well as the 50th Anniversary Homecoming celebration.


Logo Development

Not once in its history had the university leaned into both the chambered nautilus (its academic symbol), nor the argonaut (its athletic mascot) to tell its story.

After being removed from the visual identity system by the former president, the chambered nautilus made its triumphant return to the institution's visual brand identity, updated to honor the history of the university. Following the launch of the nautilus, members of the university community were invited to nominate individuals who they felt were making significant impact through their contributions. Over 300 nominations were collected within the first three days, the names and stories would later be used throughout the next two campaigns.


Alumni Stories of Impact

Showcasing the richly diverse and human interest stories of the impact UWF students, faculty and alumni are making in the community.

Inspired by the countless names of individuals nominated in the visual rebrand campaign, an immersive, editorial-style and interactive multimedia microsite was launched to highlight and celebrate the stories of UWF alumni from across the nation who making a tremendous impact within their fields, the lives of others, and their communities. Stories were produced in a variety of formats from docu-style vignettes, journalistic photo essays, and podcast interviews.


Brand Positioning

Positioning the university as an institute of higher education that helps people achieve life without limits.

Shortly after launching the new visual brand, a national campaign was developed to increase awareness of the university to promote the university's values, as well as feature many of the programs of distinction and partnerships on the campus and in the community.


Faculty Recruitment

Promoting programs of distinction by elevating the incredible contributions of key faculty.

Fueled by nominations from the rebranding campaign, we identified several faculty members from across the university campus teaching various programs of distinction and high impact. We developed a microsite highlighting each of these faculty members, and included various video vignettes detailing their experience working at the university.


Employer Recruitment

Working with the university's office of Career Services, we developed the "I Hire UWF" campaign to position workforce-ready graduates from programs of distinction in Engineering, Cybersecurity, Nursing and Logistics with the goal to drive business partnerships enrolled in the university's career portal.

The logo rebrand campaign also illuminated several programs of distinction. A supplemental campaign was developed in an effort to highlight not only the students graduating in these programs, but also to elevate the programs themselves, and specifically, their impact on the regional or national stage. Real students were used to develop an integrated campaign of print ads, digital, and billboards all directing traffic to a dedicated landing page that featured video vignettes of student-employer matching success stories. As a result, the career services office saw over 200% increase in business sign-ups during the campaign period.


Presidential Positioning

Leveraging the story of the Argonaut and Chambered Nautilus to position the University President.

Working in close partnership and collaboration with the university president, we wanted to ensure the story and narrative that we created as part of the visual rebrand remained at the front of people's minds. We created Founder's Day to celebrate and commemorate the legacy of the original pioneers who founded the university. On this day ever year, the president delivers a State of the University speech, which I led the development of this critical keynote through concepting messaging frameworks, key points, and designing an interactive slide presentation. In addition, thought leadership materials were developed to position the university president in various trade publications throughout the state.


Capital Campaign

Positioning the university as "Here for Good" to promote donor relations and increase funding opportunities.

One of my final projects working on the UWF account involved developing the positioning for the university's next capital campaign. Having just completed its previous round (amassing a total donation of $50m), there was opportunity to bring all the basic messaging approaches from all the campaigns that had come before. This time, the position, of "Here for Good" was developed to highlight the university's permanent mark on the region, while also elevating the impact its faculty and students are having across the world. The campaign was publicly launched in April of 2024 as the largest campaign in the university's history, having already raised $65 million during its quiet phase.


Rally the troops and raise the stakes; it's time to craft a story that positions you as the category standout.

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